TON Surf

is a universal crypto wallet, blockchain browser, and secure chat application made by the TON Labs company. Since TON Labs is a core developer of the Free TON blockchain, we could describe this wallet as the official one, but using the word “official” in a decentralized project is not recommended and for this reason, a few other wallets will be shown. It is the most popular wallet among Free TON users. It is very simple to use.

TON Crystal Wallet

is a desktop client for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Import existing keys or create new ones; choose popular wallet contracts to use; manage permissions you provide to dApps (DEXes, bridges, multi-sig wallets, etc.); protect your data with encrypted local key storage.
Crystal Wallet extension is a fully remastered version of the famous desktop Crystal Wallet created by the Broxus team.


is an extension for Google Chrome browser and a DApp. With ExtraTON you can create keys and get your address in one click; deploy wallet contracts; get access to your wallet via the seed phrase; switch between the mainnet and the devnet; use Ruby faucet.; transfer tokens; deploy contracts by tvc and abi; call external contract functions.