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Exploring Free TON Academy Website

by lerika

Due to the success of the DeCourses contest, the winners of which will become known in a few days, and the high interest of the community in the DevPride and DeEducation contests held by the academy SG, we decided to write a review article about the Free TON Academy website.

Let’s start our tour around the site interface with registration. In order to post or take a course, you need to create an account. To post your own course, you must check the box “Want to become an instructor?”
The free TON Academy website is powered by WordPress. It is one of the first sites in the ecosystem to introduce a new registration plugin via debot. Thus, users can choose the method of registration: traditionally, via e-mail, or via TON Surf.

On the main page of the site, there is a section with courses on a variety of topics. Most of them are about the Free TON project, but in the list, you can find cooking courses, a course about hotel and restaurant business, and even about survival in the forest.

To start a course, you need to go to its page and click the “Enroll” button. Ready! You have started a course. Now, at the bottom of the page, its content is available to you.

As you move from chapter to chapter, your progress will be displayed on the course page. Happy learning!

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