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Free TON Weekly Meetup #71

by lerika

Today, September 14, the 71st weekly meetup of Free TON members was held.
There was no distribution of tokens last week. Due to the change in the cast of the initials, a failure has occurred in the giver multisig. Reconfiguring a multisig giver contract is much more difficult than a regular wallet multisig contract, so it will take some time. For the same reason, the distribution of tokens should not be expected next week either.
The technical news of the project was traditionally presented by Mitya Goroshevsky. His team is still working on organizing the information gathered during the Rust Cup. It turned out to be so much that there was not enough space on the hosting disk to accommodate it and he had to buy additional disk space. As soon as the information is downloaded and organized, the leaderboard and its rewards will be published.

A representative of the fintech company Global Cloud Payment, which recently entered into a partnership agreement with one of Free TON’s partners, Pi Capital Union, made a presentation of a new product – a Master Card debit card, with which it will be possible to buy cryptocurrencies, including TON Crystal.

A Wiki SG representative Anastasia came out with news about her DAO. At the moment, articles about Free TON on Wikipedia have been translated into 22 languages. In total, over 1000 articles have been published, on which more than a hundred translators have worked.

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