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The Winners of the Infographic Contest

by lerika

The Free TON Infographic Contest has recently ended, according to the terms of which the participants were to create unique information banners about the Free TON ecosystem. The submissions were supposed to contain the logo of the project and information about the markets where you can buy TON Crystal, wallets in which you can store them, and other useful information.
In this article, we’ll share the winners of this competition.
A total of 12 applications were submitted for the competition. Based on the voting results, the jury chose 5 winners who shared the prize fund of 9500 TON.

1st place (Submission # 11, average score – 8.92. Win – 4500 TON) – Petr Petrenko.
Petr presented the ecosystem resources of the project in the form of a DNA molecule. The jury members liked this idea since all the elements of the Free TON ecosystem are interconnected and form a single environment. Despite many positive reviews, some jury members considered the banner font too small.

2nd place (Submission # 10, average score – 8.42. Winning – 2500 TON) – Dmitry (Teiwaz)
This participant provided several banner options in different colors. Almost all members of the jury highly appreciated Dmitry’s work, as well as how carefully he approached this competition. One of the logos on the banner turned out to be irrelevant, for which the jury slightly lowered the score.

3rd place (Submission # 7, average score – 7.21. Winning – 1500 TON) – Nima.
The jury members appreciated the unusual design of the banner, but there were also several shortcomings: the font turned out to be too small, despite the fact that there was a lot of free space on the banner. Despite this, a fresh approach helped this application to receive the bronze of the competition.

4th place (Submission # 9, average score – 6.21. Winning – 500 TON) – Artyom.
The judges liked the laconic design of the banner but lacked information and infographics: logos and design elements. In the printed form, this banner will look advantageous: the color scheme and corporate identity of the project are preserved.

5th place (Submission # 6, average score – 5.78. Winning – 500 TON) – Katya.
The jury members liked this banner because the logos in it are quite large and bright. Some of them lacked information on the banner: the partners’ logos were not presented in full.

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