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FreeTON WP- Authorization Plugin via Debot for WordPress Part 2

by lerika

In the previous article, we wrote about a new software product in Free TON – FreeTON-WP plugin, which makes it possible to register on any WordPress site using Ton Surf debot.
We reviewed the functionality and interface of the plugin from the user’s side, and today we will look at its settings and the installation process from the webmaster’s side.
In the admin panel of your WordPress site, select Plugins -> Add New. Make sure you have administrator rights, otherwise you will not be able to install plugins on the site.\

In the plugins panel, enter the name FreeTON WP into the search form and the system will find the plugin you need since it is hosted in the official WordPress repository.

Click the Install Now button and wait while the plugin is installed.

Then click the Activate button.

After activating the plugin, a menu item with settings will appear in the admin panel:

Go to the WP FreeTON Setting section and see the following settings:

Enter DeBot Address – in this field, you need to enter the address of your debot.
Enable email Login, Enable Password Login – if these checkboxes are checked, then users will be able to register on your site not only through TON Surf, but also in the traditional way.
Enter redirect URL – in this field you need to enter the address of the page to which the user will be redirected immediately after registration.
Enable fix position – if this checkbox is checked, the registration window will be displayed in a fixed position.
Use TON Wallet as Username – if this checkbox is checked, the user’s wallet address will be used as the username.
Default username, Default nickname – in these fields you can enter the username and default nickname.

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