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DeSupport for Sites and Products. The Winners

by lerika

The DeSupport Contest for websites, debots and bots has recently ended. In this article, we’ll highlight the winning resources and products from this contest. We remind you that only those products and resources that were constantly supported by developers but did not receive funding for three months, could participate in the contest. Out of 28 applications submitted to the contest, 12 resources got a prize.

1st place (Application 17, average score 9.60 – winning 6,948.56 TON) – ExtraTON Mega dApps.
In a short time, the ExtraTON team has created a whole ecosystem within the Free TON project. It includes a staking system, as well as a convenient multisend, its own wallet extension, and much more. All these tools were created by the ExtraTON team for free for the convenience of the community. Most of the jury members deservedly awarded this application the highest score.

2nd place (Application 3, average score 8.80 – winning 6 511.63 TON) – @TonSupportBot.
A well-known bot with a lot of features: TON Crystal courses, network statistics, chat statistics, and more. The jury noted that this bot, like the ExtraTON products, is the tool that is used every day.

3rd place (Application 20, average score 7.30 – winning 6 398.87 TON) – Tonpartners.online.
This resource is well known to many in our community. A&S SG representative regularly conducts research of all potential and current project partners so that investors can make sure that all tokens are spent rationally within the framework of partnership agreements. The jury did not like the design of this site very much, but they appreciated the amount of work done.

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