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Free TON Academy SG

by lerika

This year in March, another DAO has formed in Free TON – Academy SG.
Academy SG is a kind of online school where you can go through various training programs about the Free TON project, its technologies, and software products.
The proposal said that Academy SG members plan to establish relations with educational institutions in the blockchain field and thus facilitate the adoption of blockchain by young educated people. Great idea, isn’t it?
Since March, representatives of Academy SG held six contests (not counting the jury selection contest), including DeCourses Contest (Stages 1 and 2), DevPride (ongoing, contest rules are here), and DeEducation (ongoing, contest rules are here).

DeCourses has become the most popular of all Academy SG contests. At the first stage, there were 9 applications in the English-language branch of the competition, and at the second – 18. In the Russian-language branch of the competition, there were 5 applications at the first stage, and 11 at the second! These figures indicate that at the second stage, 2 times more community members took part in the contest.
The rapid growth of community interest in Academy SG contests indicates a desire to learn and teach.

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