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Tonpay.info – Robots are Coming, Humans Go Rest!

by lerika

Tonpay.info is the first automatic payment accounting system in the Free TON ecosystem. All information about payments is divided into two main categories: contests and partnerships.

Contests. Each person can add a contest to the system. A simple and convenient form has been developed for this.

Its peculiarity is the ability to download information about the competition from a CSV file, which can be downloaded from the contest page in the governance interface. After filling out the form, the system will automatically calculate how many tokens the winners received, as well as the number of payments for each of the jury members and administrators.
Each contest in the list has a detailed information page.

Here you will find all the information from the Governance portal, as well as the wallet addresses of the winners and jury members. All information about the contest can be downloaded in the XSLX format for more convenience.

Partnerships. The automatic Tonpay system accumulates all data about the project partners: the total amount of requested and received tokens, current wallet balance, partnership period, KPI reports, links to partner accounts on the project forum, link to the AMA session.

The Tonpay system is designed to automate the calculation of payments for any activity. All that is needed is to upload the event data to the system and sign the transaction. Tonpay will do the rest automatically, thus minimizing delays and errors.

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