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Free TON Weekly Meetup #70

by lerika

Today, September 7, the 70th weekly meetup of Free TON representatives was held.
Formal Methods SG and Analytics & Support SG received tokens this week.
The following proposals were accepted on the vote:

  • The soundtrack for Free TON Contest;
  • Request for tokens from Lumi Wallet as part of a partnership;
  • Request for tokens from Changelly as part of a partnership;
  • Retail Staking Boost Program;
  • Token request from Vietnamese SG;
  • Affiliate offer from LocalZoneBot.

We can say that the Free TON project has moved from the stage of formation to the stage of growth. The final version of the Whitepaper of the project is almost ready, Rustnet has set a world record having withstood a record number of transactions per second in the lab settings.  According to Alexander Filatov, who was almost unanimously supported by the community members at the forum, the time has come to rearrange the list of the initial founders of the project. In total, the project has 23 initials, each of which participates in the development of the project to a different degree, but has the same voting rights. The Analytics & Support SG team conducted a detailed analysis of the Free TON initials and it turned out that 8 out of 23 project founders sold almost all of their tokens and practically do not participate in the development of the project.
That is why Alexander Filatov proposed to elect 8 new members to the initials of the project, having previously excluded their inactive predecessors.

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