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Free TON Set a World Record

by lerika

August 12 is a significant day in the history of Free TON, because it was on this day that a new world record for the number of transactions per second was set! Free TON is now officially the fastest network in the world!
Previously, this record was set by the Solana blockchain with an amount of 50,000 transactions per second.
On August 26, members of TON Labs held a live stream during which the Rust network withstood the load of over 55,000 transactions. The record data exceeded the result of the Solana network by 10%, while the Free TON network continued to operate without errors or disruptions. The load on the network in both cases was made artificially, in laboratory settings.

In real-world conditions, the number of transactions per second is much lower, because it is influenced by many factors: from Internet speed for different providers to ping to the validator. In real-world conditions, Rustnet withstood the load of 14,500 transactions per second.

Another attempt to load the network in laboratory conditions was made on September 1. On this day, at its peak, it turned out to create a load of 63,000 transactions! After the peak in the network, unfortunately, there was a failure, but the absolute world record was set!

To make the network more stable, TON Labs connected their nodes to Rustnet and the network withstood the load of 56,000 transactions per second without failures. After disconnecting the TON Labs nodes, the network continued to work as usual.

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