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Next Top Free TON Startup Competition. The Rewards.

by lerika

The next Top Free TON Startup Competition starts tomorrow and will last three months, until December 6. In previous articles, we spoke about why this competition is being held, in which categories startups will compete and what rules for submitting the competition work were announced by the organizers.
In this article, we will tell you about the most interesting thing – about the prize pool!
Six projects will be selected in each of the six categories (tracks), two for each prize place.

Two projects will receive first place. The prize for each of them will be 50,000 TON (about $ 19,600). The token reward is accompanied by:
Professional help, feedback, and support of the winners’ projects from the jury;
Acceptance into the incubation program TON Crystal Handshake
Admission to the FreeTON Defi Alliance affiliate program
FreeTON Swag.

Two more projects will take second place and receive the same bonuses as the gold medalists. The only difference is the number of prize tokens, which will be 30,000 TON (about $ 11,800) for each.

Two teams of bronze medalists in each category will receive 20,000 TON (about $ 7,850), professional feedback and support, and will be accepted into the FreeTON Defi Alliance affiliate program.

Prizes in TON Crystal tokens will help the winners develop and support projects after the end of the competition. A professional mentoring and incubation program will help them turn their products into full-fledged business projects.

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