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Next Top Free TON Startup Competition. The Requirements.

by lerika

We continue to introduce you to the Next Top TON Startup competition, which is being held by the new partner of the Free TON Defi Alliance – GDA Capital. Participants will be able to submit contest applications from September the 6th. The competition will last for three whole months from September 6 to December 6, 2021. Thus, teams that have a decent idea, but have not yet managed to implement their startup, get enough time to implement even the most daring ideas.

Moreover, for the convenience of the participants, the contest submission can be updated an unlimited number of times during the competition. The most recent version of the project will be reviewed by the jury. This approach to submitting applications for the hackathon encourages participants to constantly work on improving their project, which will subsequently turn out positively for all parties: participants can increase their chances of winning, and the jury members and investors will receive a more marketable product.

Each bid must contain a description of the project with all links: to the project website, to all kinds of repositories where the code is stored. It is also necessary to indicate in which category the project will be competing.
For greater clarity, you need to add a short video overview of your product, no more than 3 minutes long.

The number of members of the team that worked on the project should not exceed eight people. Also, if you are submitting an MVP or Beta version of a project to the competition, this must be indicated in the application, because such projects can take first and second place. If you submit a prototype of a project to the competition, then it can only take third place.

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