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Next Top Free TON Startup Competition. The Tracks.

by lerika

In the previous article about the Next Top TON Startup competition, we examined the reasons for holding this competition and the prospects that it opens up for participants, investors, organizers, and the Free TON project.
In this article, we will tell you about the categories, the so-called “tracks” in which startups will compete.

NFT marketplaces. It will present platforms, plugins, and other IT tools that help the sellers and buyers of NFT tokens interact.

DAO management. This category will present software products or sites with an established voting system for members of a particular DAO. This, for example, can be a digital wallet with a built-in voting system or, for example, a platform for monitoring community involvement in project events.

Enterprises. In this category, enterprises that integrate the Free TON blockchain into their system will compete. This can be a store that accepts payment with TON Crystal tokens or a game in which you can buy premium attributes for TON Crystal.

DeFi Ecosystem Toolkit. This category of startups includes any tools for staking, farming, and providing liquidity to the Free TON network. These can be software bridges between blockchains, aggregators, tools for lending and borrowing.

Metaverse. Products that can be presented in this category must use AR / VR technology and be integrated with the Free TON blockchain.

GameFi. As the name implies, games with innovative gameplay and a unique financial model based on the tokens of the Free TON network will compete in this category.

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