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How to Make a Deposit in PokerTON

by lerika

In the previous article, we introduced you to PokerTON – online poker for TON Crystal, and told you how to start playing without a deposit.
If you decide to play for high stakes, then this article is for you, because in it we will tell you how to replenish your balance at PokerTON.
So, you’ve decided to raise rates and top up your balance. Open @pokertonbot, press  / start, select “Cashier” and then “Deposit” from the menu that appears.

Next, the bot will offer you to top up your balance with tokens from your wallet or buy TON Crystal.

In the first case, everything is simple: a Free TON wallet address will be generated for you. All you need to do is send the desired number of tokens to this address.

Let’s assume that you are just getting to know the Free TON ecosystem and do not have tokens. In this case, you can buy them directly through the bot.

Select the Buy TON item, then – Instant by Card (thus you can buy TONS with Russian rubles only for an amount of at least 1000 rubles). Select the amount (the system immediately shows how many TON tokens will be credited to your account) and click Buy TON.

The system will redirect you to a secure payment page, where you must enter your card details. Confirm your purchase and you’re done! In a few minutes, your balance will be credited.

The second option is to buy tokens through Chatex BOT for dollars, Russian or Belarusian rubles. Follow the bot’s detailed instructions. You may have to go through Chatex verification.

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