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Next Top Free TON Startup Competition. General Information.

by lerika

Free TON deFi Alliance has entered into a new partnership with GDA Capital, which plans to replenish its investment portfolio with TON Crystal tokens in the amount of $ 2 million, as well as participate in staking and pharming.
Also, GDA Capital will hold a large-scale competition of startups on the Free TON blockchain – the Next Top Free TON startup competition.
The main goal of this event is to give a new impulse for the early adoption of the blockchain, to encourage developers to use blockchain technologies when creating new projects. The availability of off-the-shelf products on Free TON will help attract investors interested in cutting-edge technology. Thus, this competition will be a kind of motivation for developers and an opportunity to find highly marketable projects for investors. The prize pool in TON Crystal tokens will help raise the interest of professionals in the Free TON ecosystem.
The jury will include investors from all over the world who are interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They will provide professional feedback to each contestant. It is also possible that one of the jury members will be interested in one of the competitive projects and offer the team out-of-competition funding.
GDA Capital CEO Michael Gord said that their company has already held a similar competition, but projects on different blockchains took part in it. Then more than 600 startups participated in the competition. In the Next Top TON Startup competition, startups will fight ONLY on the Free TON Blockchain, so the number of applications will be less.

If we get a couple of dozens of entries for the competition, at least half a dozen of them will be extremely marketable.”
Michael Gord

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