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Free TON Weekly Meetup #69

by lerika

Today, on August the 31th, the sixty-ninth Free TON Weekly Meetup was held. Mitya Goroshevsky, Alexander Filatov, Ben Sunderland, Nikita Inshakov, Joanna Eberhardt, Kirill Ushkaov, Ron Millow took part in it.
This week, tokens were received by:

  • DeSupport for Websites and Products competition winners and jury members;
  • eSprots SG based on the results of the KPI report for stage 2;
  • The team working on the final stage of the Free TON and Dune Network merger;
  • New project partner – Click2Money.

On the vote the following proposals were accepted:

  • Request for tokens from A&S SG;
  • Request for tokens from ForMet SG for the implementation of stage 1b.

Mitya Goroshevsky spoke about the record set by RustNet – 64,000 transactions per second. Read more about this event in this article.

Following the technical news, the CEO of GDA Capital, which is part of the DeFi Alliance, Michael Gord, gave a presentation on the Next Top Free TON Startup Competition. You will find details in this article.

Pokerton is one of the first partners of the project. The representative of the Pokerton team spoke about the work done and the prospects of the project. Next Saturday, the Free TON Community Tournament will be held – a poker tournament with a prize pool of three thousand TON, while the Buy-In of the tournament will be only 25 TON, and the prize for first place will be 925 TON.
At the end of the meetup, there was a presentation of Tonpay.info – a resource with information about all payments made by TON Crystals to project partners, winners of the contests, subgovs and jury members.

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