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TON Surf App Beta Multiverse

by lerika

At the AMA session held on Tuesday with the TON Surf team, an application update was announced, in which the functionality of switching between wallets will be implemented without having to enter a seed phrase every time. The developers called this feature “the Multiverse”.
To make it more clear to users what is at stake, let’s remember Instagram. If you have several accounts, you can easily switch between them, while the username and password need to be entered only once: when creating an account or when logging into it from a new device.
Today, August 29, a new TON Surf patch has been released with this feature. Let’s check how it works together.
So, go to the application, click on the logo in the upper left corner. In the menu that opens, select the item “Wallets”. Click on it and see the following screen:

Click on the plus in the upper right corner.

In the menu that opens, we see 2 active links: “Create Wallet”, “Restore Wallet”. We will connect an existing wallet to your account. If you want to create a wallet and are not sure that everything will be done correctly, please read this article.

Two more options – “Bind Hardware wallet with account” and “Migrate Wallet to Surf” are still under development.

Select the item “Restore Wallet”,  and see the following screen with a warning that only wallets registered with Surf can be used for the multiverse (Crystall Wallet and Tonwallet accounts will not work).

Enter the wallet address and seed-phrase in the fields, click the Restore Wallet button.
Congratulations! You have successfully connected your wallet to your TON Surf account.

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