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FreeTON WP- Authorization via Debot for WordPress

by lerika

A new product was released in the Free TON software environment – a registration plugin using the Free TON debot on WordPress CMS – FREETON-WP! This plugin is a huge breakthrough for the project since about 40% of all sites in the world are powered by WordPress. As well as most of the project’s ecosystem products, this plugin is absolutely free. Anyone can download it from the official WordPress repository or on Github.

We were among the first to install this plugin on our site, now everyone can create an account on our site and send us an article! After a quick moderation, it will be published under your name.
Let’s look at how the plugin works using our website as an example:
Click the Login button in the site header and go to the following page:

In the input field, enter the Free TON (Ton Surf) wallet and press the Send me a Code button.

We see a new dialog box, click on the word DEBOT, go to the Ton Surf interface. Enter the pin code, see the debot welcome message, press the I understand button.

Next, select the Get authorization code menu item, get the code and return to the interface of our site.

Enter the six-digit code and

… that’s it, congratulations, you have successfully registered on the site!

The plugin is very easy to use for users, all they need is a Ton Surf wallet.

We will tell you about the settings of the FREETON-WP plugin for webmasters in the next article.

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