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DeSocial Managing Super Heroes Contest

by lerika

What’s the first thing most people do every morning? They сheck social media! Recognize yourself? No doubt you do! We have merged so much with our gadgets that we cannot imagine life without them. A smartphone is a kind of continuation of the hand of a modern person.
Marketers say that if a project is not on social networks, then it doesn’t exist at all. And they are not exaggerating. Whereas earlier social networks were only used to share personal thoughts and photos, now it is one of the most powerful sales tools.
That is why on the Free TON forum there was a proposal of holding the DeSocial Managing Super Heroes Contest.
The main goal of this competition is to select 12 managers (so-called “superheroes”) for the official accounts of the project (2 people per 1 account) who will promote the project on Instagram and LinkedIn, Medium and Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. The minimum employment for managers is 6 hours a day. Their task is to develop a strategy for promoting the project, create and post content in the official Free TON accounts, attract new users, answer their questions in private messages and comments.
“Superheroes” are selected for three months, the competition will be restarted once a quarter, and the composition of managers will be renewed. We wish you all the participants! 🙂

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