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AMA with TON Surf and True NFT

by lerika

Today, August 26, another monthly AMA session was held with the developers of TON Surf.

At the very beginning, they presented the main numbers about the app:

  1. in total 32 thousand wallets are registered in Surf, 
  2. 36 million tokens are stored in TON Surf in total. 
  3. Ten thousand users made a transaction in August, 
  4. 280 thousand TONs were paid for staking.

User income charts have been added to the staking interface. This functionality is notable for the fact that the data for building them is taken from the blockchain.

The documentation section help.ton.surf is also actively developed. A lot of articles have been added to the staking section this month. In the near future, over 30 articles will be added to the FAQ containing answers to popular questions from community members.

The developers of TON Surf have improved the page for entering the pin-code and now you can enter it using the keyboard, and not just the mouse. The next update, which will be released next Friday, will also fix a bug where the wallet balance was visible for a while when the application was launched.

The Get TONs section has been added to the application menu, which contains links to the Free TON governance page with active contests, as well as to the most popular exchanges in the opinion of the community, where you can buy TONs.

Some new interfaces have been added to the debot browser:

  1. added interface for time and date
  2. the functionality of QR codes has been improved: now in debot you can not only scan a QR code but also generate it.

In the near future, a big update TON Surf will be released, in which a multiverse will be presented (the ability to switch between wallets without logging out of the application each time).

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