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Free TON Weekly Meetup #68

by lerika

Today, 24 August, the sixty-eighth weekly Free TON meetup took place, in which Alexander Filatov, Joanna Eberhardt, Ron Millow, Konstantin Moroshin, Alexander Alekseev, Timothy K. and others took part.

Last week, tokens received:

According to the results of the vote, three new proposals were accepted:

  • Request for tokens from eSports SG;
  • Request for tokens for the implementation of the final part of the merger of Free TON and Dune Network;
  • Partnerseoc offer from Click2Money.

Mitya Goroshevsky made technical updates. He talked about the mainnet issues and the state of RustNet.

The site freeton.codes was also presented, which, according to the developers, contains all the necessary information and documentation for developers.

Roman D. presented a new contest- Free TON Infographic Contest. The main task of the competition is to create a banner (or several banners) containing information about where you can buy TON Crystal and in which wallets you can store it.
At the end of the meetup, another contest was presented – DeSocial Super Heroes, within which you need to select 12 community members who will promote Free TON on social networks.

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