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Turkey SG Proposal was Posted on the Forum

by lerika

According to statistics, Turkey is the fourth country in the ranking for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The country’s national currency, the lira, has shown high volatility over the past year, which to some extent explains the willingness of Turks to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Last week a proposal about the creation of the Turkey SG was posted on the forum. The main goal of this DAO, according to the document, is to create a DeFi market in Turkey as an analog of the existing financial system.
The initials intend to promote the project in their country through the creation of various content and its distribution on social media.
The community was very skeptical about this proposal, and there are several reasons for this:
First, it turned out that the idea of ​​creating a Turkey SG might be stolen from its authors. Several initials united and excluded the author of the text from the list of members of the future DAO.
Secondly, none of the initials provided a resume, so the community cannot judge their competence.
Thirdly, there is information that all the declared initials know each other in real life, which compromises the safety of funds (recall the experience of Influencers SG).
Fourthly, representatives of the future Turkey SG are asking for very high amounts for marketing and PR, but at the same time, no work to popularize Free TON was carried out before the promotion was posted on the forum.

The community has not yet come to a consensus on the need to create a Turkey SG.

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