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Accepted: Koshelek.ru partnership proposal

by lerika

The partnership proposal from Koshelek.ru was published on the forum at the beginning of the year, but it was accepted only last week. Why did it happen? It’s simple: at the end of November last year, this company won the YPO Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards program 2.0. Once interested, you can view the winning contest application here.
When the Koshelek.ru team posted a partnership proposal, the community took it with some skepticism. The project was too young and had no audience, so some forum users decided that such a partnership would not benefit Free TON.
Then the developers of Koshelek.ru changed their approach to the potential partnership.
The conditions of the YPO Global competition provided for an additional payment of 50,000 TON for projects that can bring significant benefits to the Free TON project. This payment could be requested by the winner, provided that this amount is enough to integrate Free TON into the system. If this amount is not enough to carry out the integration work, then the winner of the competition must post a partnership proposal on the forum and pass the community vote. This is exactly what the Koshelek.ru team did at the beginning of this year.
Realizing that the community does not intend to allocate large sums to the young project (in the original text, the total number of requested tokens exceeded 200,000!), Koshelek.ru decided to change the projected and evaluate the work at 50,000, for which they had the right to apply. Finally, this week the proposal was accepted on the vote.

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