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New interface on Freeton.org

by lerika

During the Free TON weekly meetup, updates to the project’s official website, freeton.org, were presented.
The upper part of the main page contains a block “What’s it all about” with general information about the project and basic terms.

Below is a scroller with the most popular Free TON resources.

To make it easier for new users to structure information about the project, a tag cloud is displayed on the page, with which you can find the information you need in 1 click.

Next, there is a catalog of cards, each of which is a link to one or more resources of the information environment of the project.

If one card contains several links, then when you click on it, a pop-up window appears, in which you can select the desired resource. We chose the “Influencers Subgovernance” card:

At the moment, resource cards can only be created manually, so if you want to place your site card in this catalog, contact Roman D, Free TON community manager. You will be sent a form to fill out, and your resource card will be published on freeton.org. In the near future, it will be possible to add resource cards in automatic mode. An important note: when submitting an application for placing a resource card, you must confirm that this resource actually belongs to you. This measure will prevent spam and the posting of third-party projects. For this procedure, you need to provide a TON Surf wallet address. Subsequently, cardholders will use it to log in to the site.

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