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AMA-session 18.08.21

by lerika

On August 18, another Russian-language AMA session was held, at which representatives of various Free TON teams answered questions from community members.
Question: The Rust Cup ended this week, what’s next? Will the node evolve? Will there be new validator contests?
Answer: As soon as all the community edits are made in the Whitepaper of the project, several contests will be launched on the basis of this document in order to implement the functionality that is not yet available in the Free TON software environment. The emphasis in the finalization of the network at the moment needs to be on security and stability because Rustnet recently demonstrated record speed.

Question: When will the final version of the Free TON Whitepaper be released?
Answer: Work on the text of the Whitepaper is carried out every day with constant interaction with members of the community, who suggest edits and clarifications. As soon as the work is completed, the final version will be published on the forum.

Question: Will the Rust node be tested for vulnerabilities?
Answer: Of course, there will be special security and bug-hunting contests for this.

Question: Will there be a console for the Rust node?
Answer: Roughly speaking, you can use the tonos-cli or tvm linker as a console. It is necessary that the console save the state not only from the master chain, but also from the work chain and be able to receive state addresses.

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