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Free TON Weekly Meetup #67

by lerika

Today, August 17, the sixty-seventh weekly Free TON meetup was held, in which Alexander Filatov, Ben Sunderland, Ron Millow, Joanna Eberhard, Mitya Goroshevsky and others took part.
Three proposals passed the vote last week:

  • Creation of Cryptography SG
  • Partnership with Koshelek.ru
  • Partnership with Itez

Last week, Free TON set a new world record for the number of transactions in a lab environment. In one of the data centers, a rust node withstood a load of over 70,000 transactions per second.
A draft of the Free TON Whitepaper, the main document of the project, has been published on the forum. Anyone can look it through and suggest edits.
Further, Margarita, project manager of RSquad, made a short presentation of True NFT, read more about this technology in this and this article.
Meetup # 67 turned out to be rich in presentation, so the next speaker was Ron Millow with a presentation of the new freeton.org interface. For a detailed overview of the updates to the main project site, see this article.
The representative of W&D SG Alina reported on the conducted contests and told about the winners of the Winner’s Works Catalog Contest, DeSupport for Websites and Bots Contest, and Browser Extension Contest.
Representatives of A&S SG also reported on the work done for six months, telling about the competitions held.

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