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True NFT in Free TON

by lerika

Today, August 16, the long-awaited presentation of Free TON True NFT developed by the RSquad team was held!
True NFT is a technology that allows you to create NFT tokens on the Free TON blockchain.
The main advantages of this technology are:

  • Storing all NFT information on the blockchain.
  • Ability to make simplified and standardized queries to find collections of NFT tokens or tokens of a specific user.
  • The ability to interact with your tokens in various dApps and browsers using only their address.
  • The ability to send NFT to another user, knowing only his address.

The main development goals of this technology are the mass adoption of the blockchain and the storage of information in it. The team aimed to provide users with a universal toolkit with numerous settings and to make it possible to manage NFT tokens knowing only their own wallet address.

To create True NFT, the developers first considered the ERC-721 and TIP-3 standards, but neither of them met the requirements of the future technology. In the first case, the network architecture did not allow the implementation of all the necessary functions; in the second case, difficulties arose with the transfer of tokens. For example, the TIP-3 standard implies that the transfer of tokens is possible only within the collection.

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