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How to use Tonswap?

by lerika

The Free TON project always follows trends in blockchain technology. 2021 is the heyday of decentralized finance, so a contest was held among our community members to create a DEX, in which the svoi.dev team won.
In this article, we will show you how to use the DEX Free TON – tonswap.io interface.
First, you need to connect your wallet to the application. Click “Connect to a Wallet”.

It should be noted that tonswap, like wton.io, only works with Broxus’ Crystal Wallet extension, therefore, it can only be used in Google Chrome.
If you have this extension installed in your browser, the system will automatically see your wallet and offer to connect it to the DEX.

If the extension is not installed or you are using a different browser, then the application will inform you about the need to install the Crystal Wallet extension and create a wallet.

To use DEX, you need to “wrap” TON Crystal in the ERC-20 standard. If you don’t know how to do this, follow the instructions in this article.

After receiving WTON tokens to your account in Crystal Wallet, you can use Tonswap and buy any tokens from the list for them.

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