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TonWallet Extension from Svoi.dev

by lerika

The Svoi.dev development team, well known to our community on the Tonswap project, has released the Free TON wallet in the form of an extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge – TonWallet.

This article is a step-by-step guide for installing and registering a wallet in the TonWallet extension.
Step 1. Go to the product website https://tonwallet.io/, select the version of the extension for your browser. We used Chrome.

Step 2. We get to the application page in the Chrome Web Store. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button, give it permission to read and change data on the sites we visit. The extension is downloaded to your device.

Step 3. We see an information window in the upper left corner saying that the extension is installed. Click on the window and go to the TonWallet interface.

Step 3. In the next step, you can load an existing wallet using a seed phrase or create a new one. We will register a new wallet. Click on the “Create New Wallet” button.

Step 4. Save the seed phrase in a safe place (or better in several places), create a password, enter it twice, agree with the privacy policy and click on the “Create” button.

Step 5. Svoi.dev added an additional check to the extension to make sure that users put down the seed phrase correctly. You need to select the correct word from your seed phrase three times in a row according to its number.

Step 7. Having passed the verification, we get to the wallet interface. TonWallet is notable for the ability to add other TIP-3 tokens, not just TON Crystal. Therefore, it is very convenient to use it for DEX.


The extension has a good localization, it is available in English, Spanish and Russian.

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