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Staking in TON Surf

by lerika

We have launched a series of articles about TON Crystal staking, and today we will tell you about the functionality in the favorite application of most users – TON Surf.
As in the case of ExtraTON, we will send tokens for staking in TON Surf and thus provide step-by-step instructions for using this functionality.

Step 1. Open TON Surf and click on the “Earn Staking Rewards” icon and see all the information about staking:

  • Interest- 3.8% per annum
  • Depool fee – 8% of your profit
  • Token lockup period – 54 hours

At the very bottom of the list, there is information about the minimum amount of tokens for delegation to the depool – 100 TON.
This is the basic information for investors. Below is information about the depool: the number of consecutive successful rounds of validation, the number of participants, the amount of TONs on the account, the number of rewards paid to the investors, the amount of insurance. Press the “Stake” button.

Step 2. Enter the amount you want to send for staking. Remember that the minimum amount is 100 TON. The maximum number of tokens to be sent to a given depool is 24,426.2. Press the “Confirm” button.

Step 3. Congratulations, your tokens have been successfully sent to the depool! In 54 hours you will receive your first staking profit at TON Surf!

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