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Free TON Weekly Meetup #66

by lerika

Today, August 10, the sixty-sixth weekly meeting of Free TON representatives was held, in which Joanne Eberhardt, Roman D., Pavel Prigolovko, Ben Sunderland, Mikhail Kabanov, Mitya Goroshevsky, Alexander Filatov, Anton Platonov, Mikhail Komarov, and others took part.

Traditionally, the meetup began with technical updates from Mitya Goroshevsky. During the Rust Cup endurance race, another network error was discovered that no one had noticed before. Mitya noted that the importance of this contest lies in the fact that such loads, which the network withstood during the race, could not be reproduced in other conditions. He also promised to post the Whitepaper of the project on the forum in the near future.

Pavel Prigolovko spoke about the mechanics of auctions at DeNS (Decentralized Name Service). DeNS is a service that assigns readable addresses to smart contracts (like domain names for websites).

The Augual team also presented their vision for DeNS. As a result of two rounds of the contest, the team created a site freeton.domains, where you can register domain names of the Free TON network. To deploy the address, you need to install the Tonwallet extension developed by the Svoi.dev team. This site does not have an auction system, because the developers do not position it as multifunctional.

We tried to deploy our name on the site, but unfortunately it didn’t work for us 🙁 We promise to try once again!

At the final part of the meetup the presentation of a new DAO in Free TON – Cryptography SG, took place.

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