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GrandBazar – the Winning Free TON NFT Marketplace!

by lerika

The official launch of the GrandBazar.io NFT platform took place today. This project won the NFT Marketplace contest.
The platform has a laconic yet stylish design. The basic colors, yellow and black, prevail on the home page and are repeated on the rest of the pages as accents.
A user can register on the site is via e-mail or GitHub. We created an account and tried to release our first NFT.

Enter a name, email, come up with a password, check all the checkboxes, press the “Sing up” button, and create an account. A user must confirm the registration by following the link from the received letter.

Immediately after that, you’ll find yourself redirected to the user profile interface.

The next step is to connect the wallet. If you use Chrome and are authorized in ExtraTON, the system will automatically “catch” your wallet and offer to connect it.

Let’s move on to creating an NFT token. We chose a random image from the Internet, but of course, users should use unique pieces of information when creating an NFT.

Below the image, there is a switcher that allows you to choose whether to put your NFT up for sale or not. Then you need to choose a way of selling: for a fixed price or through an auction. In the token creation form, you can immediately create an NFT collection if you plan to issue multiple tokens. Add a nice name and description to convey your ideas to potential buyers.

The commission for the creation of an NFT token in our case was 4 TON. The process itself takes about a minute, and the system immediately warns you about it. Don’t reload the page until your NFT is online.

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