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What’s new on TON Seed? Part 2

by lerika

We continue the series of articles about projects on the TON Seed crowdfunding platform. In the previous article, we looked at three projects, two of which have successfully completed fundraising. Unfortunately, one of them is not functioning, and the other is still under development (we hope to still see the release!).

Next in line is MDEA, a project aiming to create a music chart in which people vote for their favorite tracks with TON Crystal tokens. Not a bad idea to apply such a voting scheme in a soundtrack contest, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the author has collected only 150 TONs out of the 3500 requested. The link to the site does not work, and the telegram group no longer exists.

Freetoncrystal.com is a site about the Free TON ecosystem. The developer requested 6500 TON, but collected only 365 TON. After reviewing the project, we came to the following conclusions:

  • The site has a unique design, but, unfortunately, it does not correspond to the style of the project.
  • This is a very large project, if it is successfully completed, then the community will receive an excellent resource in an all-in-one format.
  • At the moment, some sections of the site have not been filled in.

Free TON Mailing List is a mechanism for sending information about a project via e-mail. The creator says the main goal of his project is to attract new users to the project. According to his forecasts, the mailing system should attract more than 3,000 users, most of whom are developers in 6 months. For the implementation of the project, the author requested 10,000 TONs, of which 6,000 are intended to pay for hosting, create a debot for mailings in TON Surf and administrator services, and 4000 – for advertising. At the moment, none of the community members have supported the author.

What conclusions can we draw after analyzing the latest projects on TON Seed?
First, to get community support, you need to describe your idea in the most vivid way. Secondly, if you have received support, always complete your work, do not neglect the trust of the community.
Third, post interim work reports inspiring the people who have supported you.

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