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NiFi.Club Launches Today!

by lerika

NFT platform Nifi.Club which won second place in the NFT Marketplace contest launches officially on August the 4th.  

To register on the site, the user must use Google Chrome with the ExtraTON extension installed. We checked the registration functionality on the platform, in fact, when the extension is launched in the browser, the system automatically sees your wallet, and you are considered a registered user. The absence of the need to provide the system with any personal information is the undoubted advantage of Nifi.Club.

In the near future, the developers promise to add registration through the TON Crystal Wallet from Broxus. They also plan to develop a registration system through debot in TON.Surf.
After authorization, you can add an avatar and come up with a nickname, but this is not necessary.

Now you can create an NFT token!

The Nifi.Club team will hold two events timed to coincide with the launch of the platform:
Firstly, everyone whose token passes moderation will receive 10 TONs as a welcome bonus. The developers call the moderation procedure “modest”, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties.
Secondly, the authors of the works with the most likes will receive 50 TON each as an incentive bonus.
The site developers pay a lot of attention to the elaboration of the project’s tokenomics, taking into account the size of the fees for the minting of tokens and other internal operations. To support users, the platform moderator will always be in touch.

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