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Free TON Weekly Meetup #65

by lerika

Today, on August the 3rd, the sixty-fifth weekly meetup of Free TON representatives was held, in which Alexander Filatov, Yunua Yamamoto, Ben Sunderland, Ron Millow, Mitya Goroshevsky, Joanne Eberhardt, Mark Feldman, and others took part.

Next week, the next distribution of tokens will take place, in which tokens will be received by: the Galaxy Online project, as well as the winners of the News and Educational Websites contest (they need to post a report on the work done during the month in the contest thread on the forum).

Mitya Goroshevsky made a proposal to extend the Rust Cup contest for another week because of the main net breaks. TON Labs will roll out another major network update this week.

The representative of the Chinese SG Zackery Lee gave an overview of the large offline event World Blockchain Conference in HangZhou, which was attended by representatives of Free TON China SG. You can find a detailed report in this article.

Then the presentation of the NiFi.Club NFT platform took place. Since participating in the NFT Marketplaces competition, in which the NiFi.Club team took second place, the design of the platform has not changed. The team focused on improving the quality of the interface, making it more logical and user-friendly. It is noteworthy that you can place your NFT token for sale on the platform or mint it without registering. However, such users do not get access to the full toolkit of the platform, for example, they cannot put likes.

Then the representative of the Academy SG made a presentation on the activities of his DAO, talking about the current and planned competitions, as well as the results of the work done.

At the end of the meetup, a competition was announced to create a soundtrack for the Free TON project. This competition attracted many professional musicians to the forum and sparked a heated discussion.

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