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TON Crystal Staking is available in Lumi Wallet

by lerika

Just over a month ago, this June, TON Crystal was added to Lumi Wallet. Now the Free TON network token can not only be stored in the Lumi wallet but also can bring good passive income to its holders. Please welcome, TON Crystal staking!
In this article, we will explain how to receive and send tokens in the Lumi wallet, as well as how to delegate them to for staking.
First, download Lumi Wallet for your device:

Create a pin code, save a 12-word secret key – this procedure is well-known to any crypto enthusiast.
Next, on the main page, click the “add wallets” button. It takes a time to search for TON Crystal in a long list, so it is easier to use the search. Write “TON” in the input line, select “TON Crystal”.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your wallet. The next step is activation. Select a new wallet from the list on the main page and click the “receive” button. You will see a QR code and your new wallet address. Send some TON to this address. To activate the wallet, approximately 0.01 TON will be debited from your account.

  • So, we have created a wallet, replenished it, and we can proceed to staking. Select the TON Crystal wallet again and press the “invest” button.
    In the interface that appears, select which dePool to delegate tokens to. So far, only one is available – Brown Surf, but in the near future the list will be significantly expanded. Enter the desired amount (at least 100 TON) and confirm the delegation.
    You can find detailed information on staking conditions at the bottom of the screen. Expanding the window upward, you will see the following data:
  • Annual Interest
  •  Commission
  • Staking period for your tokens
  • The minimal amount of tokens
  • Number of participants
  • Overall balance
  • Pool and validator addresses

The partnership proposal from Lumi Wallet was posted on the forum in December last year and was adopted by a majority vote in February this year.

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