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What’s new on TON Seed? Part 1

by lerika

Thanks to crowdfunding, many great projects have seen the world. The Free TON project has its own crowdfunding platform – TON Seed.
In this article series of articles, we will look at projects hosted on the platform. Our goal is to analyze which ones get community support and which don’t, and why.
Of the last six projects posted, only two have successfully completed crowdfunding and four have not. Let’s take a look at these projects:

Debiton is an automatic payment service in the Free TON network, which allows you to schedule the payments. Not a bad solution for the registration of partnerships, since the payer can withdraw the next payment if the contractor does not fulfill the terms of the contract. Out of the requested amount of 10,000 TONs, the creator of Debiton received 410 TONs. The idea is great! We decided to take a closer look at the system, so we registered on the site. When trying to create a test smart contract, we noticed two significant problems:

  • there is no field for entering the recipient’s address in the form for creating a contract;
  • the “Create a Contract” button does not work.

Free TON Sticker Bot is a telegram bot that contains all Free TON stickers. This project has successfully completed the fundraising, raising the requested 600 TON. We launched the bot because we also want to use branded stickers, but it turned out that the bot does not work (see screenshot). The first conclusion that most ICO investors had made back in 2018 is that successful crowdfunding does not guarantee a good result.

Route 7S is an interactive blockchain game with a non-linear storyline that offers many options for the development of events. The game is based on Debot, that is, all data will be stored on the blockchain. A very interesting idea. Despite the fact that the creator of Route 7S has successfully completed the fundraising, the game has not yet been released. Hopefully, we’ll see its release one day!

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