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The Analytics of Partner Requests Contest Finished Yesterday

by lerika

Yesterday, July 27, the jury voting in the Analytics of partner requests competition ended.
To participate in the contest, the contestants were to create an analytics system that accumulates all information about the actual and potential partners of the project and arrange it in the form of a website. Developers should regularly update the project with up-to-date information on the following points:

  • The number of received partnership offers for the community per month.
  • In what areas of activity do potential partners operate.
  • Which partners have helped attract new partner proposals.
  • How the number of actual partners and partnership proposals changes as the project develops.
  • How partners manage tokens received through cooperation.

The purpose of this competition is to reveal the current state of the Free TON partner network, to make the process of considering proposals more transparent and understandable to all members of the community, as well as to help potential partners better and more clearly formulate the text of the proposes.
Each submission for participation had to include analytics of each active partner of the project. It was also necessary to develop an automated system for updating information on receipts and withdrawals of tokens from partners’ wallets.
The prize fund of the competition was 121,000 TON, of which:
50,000 was awarded to the 1st place holder;
30,000 for 2nd place;
20,000 – for 3rd place;
3,000 – and 4th place.
Another 3000 tokens had been provided for all participants who would take from 5th to 10th place, however, only 4 applications had been received for participation in the contest. We will talk about them in the next article.

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