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ExtraTON DApp for Staking

by lerika

The extraton.io team, in addition to the popular ExtraTON extension, has developed a very user-friendly DApp for staking.
As part of a series of articles on staking TON Crystal tokens, we will look at both its interface and functionality.
The team’s developers have a good sense of humor, so they decided to call the button leading to the DApp “Cook”. Click this button on the extraton.io homepage and go to the application.

On the left, there is a block with general statistical information of the resource. On the right, there is a chart showing the dynamics of investors’ annual interest.

Below, there is a list of all the depools to which users can send tokens.
Let’s take a closer look at this table and its elements.
On the left in each line there are 4 icons, by clicking on which the user can:

  • Copy the address of the depool;
  • Open information about him in ton.live;
  • Copy the link to the depool in DApp ExtraTON;
  • Open the depool’s address in the form of a QR code.

Next, there are the columns containing names of the depools, the charts showing their stability in the last ten rounds of validation, the minimum amount of delegation, depools’ insurance, the percentage of the depools’ reward from the investors’ profit, the number of tokens in the depool, as well as the “Stake now” button.

Next, you need to make sure you are using the Chrome browser and that you have the ExtraTON extension installed. Then top up your wallet for the amount that you want to send to staking. After that click on the blue “Stake now”. A pop-up window with an input field will appear. Enter the desired amount and press the “Stake” button.

If you have a new wallet (as we do in this case), then the extension will ask you to deploy it to the Free TON network for a small fee. Press the “Deploy” button, after which you will have to wait for a little.

As soon as you see that some funds were debited from the account, which means you have successfully deployed the wallet,  you are ready to go!

Press the “Transfer” button and … Now you see a window with congratulations! You did everything right and you can earn from TON Crystal staking in ExtraTON!

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