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Free TON DevEx SubGovernance

by lerika

One of the first DAOs organized in Free TON was the DevEx (Developers Experience) SG. The message about its creation was posted on the forum less than six months after the launch of the project.
The creation of DevEx SG is a logical and reasonable step in the development of the project. The main task of the members of this SG is to create and develop software tools for developers. It is generally accepted that only UX (User Experience) is important in the product. This is wrong because before a software product becomes available to users, developers work on it for a long time.
The programmers who develop Free TON today, almost a year and a half after the launch, work in a full-fledged software environment: all projects are stored on Github, each solution has complete documentation and an implementation guide.
After the creation of DevEx SG, a jury competition was held, as a result of which 16 jury members were selected.
At the moment, 20 contests have been held related to TON SDK, nodes and validation, SMV, ton-cli, Graph QL and other software solutions. The contest submissions contributed greatly to the rapid development of the project’s software environment, making the work of programmers more convenient. Any specialist who decides to start working with the Free TON network will not spend much time getting to know the specifics of the code. A high-quality software environment and detailed documentation help to attract new developers who participate in competitions, as well as project partners, for whom it has become much easier to integrate their products with Free TON.

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