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AMA session with TON.Surf #1

by lerika

Today, July 23rd, an AMA session was held with the TON.Surf development team. The team regularly receives lots of questions from community members, so they decided to go live once a month and answer the most frequently asked questions.
Question: Why is TON Surf not open source?
Answer: In order to publish the code in open source, you need to do a lot of preparation. It will take the whole team a few months at least. Thus, instead of introducing new features and fixing bugs, the team will be engaged in the preparation of the code and further support for the product and open source.

Question: Have you considered embedding a face id in Surf?
Answer: Yes, we did, moreover, this technology is already available in the functionality. It is used to perform a quick login and to confirm a transaction if the biometric sensor is enabled on the user’s device.

Question: Why is multisig signature debot not working in TON Surf?
Answer: It does work, if users have difficulties with configuring the signature of a multisig wallet through a debot, they can read the documentation on GitHub or ask for help in the telegram chat.

Question: Will Auqual’s DeNS (Decentralized Storage) be integrated into TON.Surf?
Answer: At the moment, the team is considering some new software solutions from the project’s info-environment for subsequent integration into Surf. After a while, they will release more details on this.

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