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AMA session with Click2Money

by lerika

Today, July 22, an AMA session was held with representatives of the Click2Money project, from which a partnership proposal was received at the beginning of July this year.
Question: What company do you represent? What would you like to offer to the Free TON project?
Answer: C2M is a cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate network that accumulates its activities in the field of gambling, betting, and finance. At the moment, over 700 advertising offers are posted on our site, 2500 webmasters are registered. The site generates an average of 400 000 leads per month for their offers.

Question: Why do you need a partnership with Free TON?
Answer: Webmasters on our platform receive payments either in WebMoney, or in USDT, or in other electronic money. Each webmaster will create a Free TON wallet and will be able to receive payments in TON Crystal. At the moment, the site is running a bonus program for webmasters. We would like to subsequently pay bonuses with Free TON network tokens.

Question: How will the offers with payment in TON Crystal be added? Also, we know that you can buy internal inventory from your website. Will it be possible to pay for it with our tokens?
Answer: Within our bonus program, TON Crystal will be credited for offers marked “bonus”. In other offers, your token will be added as one of the currencies for receiving payments. As for the inventory, any paid tool on our site can be purchased for TON Crystal.

Question: Is it possible to place Free TON offers on your platform?
Answer: Of course, you can post any offer that needs lead generation on our platform.

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