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AMA in Russian 21.07.21

by lerika

Today, July 21, an AMA session was held in Russian with representatives of Free TON, during which both technical and organizational issues were discussed.
Question: What steps are being taken to develop the project, in addition to internal startups?
Answer: Free TON is a decentralized project, and no one can plan a strategy for its development alone. If you have any suggestions for the development and improvement of the project, post the proposal on the forum and the community will vote for it.
Question: How can a system be considered distributed if the creation of a new SG requires the approval of a narrow circle of people – the initial members of the project or members of the Main SG?
Answer: At the moment, the initial members of Free TON are interested in the development of the project. Such a model, although not entirely perfect, exists in Governance 1.0. With the release of Governance 2.0, all members of the community who have tokens will be able to vote for such decisions.
Question: What decision was made regarding the partnership with Grindez?
Answer: For now the community is still under discussion. As soon as there is some information, it will be published on the forum. Recently, an AMA session was held with representatives of Grindez, it is already available.
Question: When will Rust Node go into production?
Answer: It will take some more time. First, we need to complete the Rust Cup, after that the node must go through several security audits, and only then it will be launched into production.
Question: Do you plan to add TON Crystal to new exchanges?
Answer: At the moment, our partner DeFi Alliance is working on this, they also plan to hold a marketing campaign for Free TON. There is also a telegram group in which community members cooperate and correspond with various exchanges regarding the listing of TON Crystal
P.S. Anyone wishing to join it, please write to Roman D.

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