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Soundtrack for Free TON Contest

by lerika

Yesterday on the forum was posted a proposal about a contest to create a soundtrack for the project. The winner’s track will be used in live streams, videos, conferences, and other events.

There are no specific requirements for the style and content of the track, it can be either slow or fast, contain a vocal part or not (however, if it does, it must be in English and about Free TON).
As for the technical requirements, they are not strict, however, in order to qualify for the contest and to make the judgment fair, it was necessary to introduce certain criteria:

  • No demos just completed work.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, as well as the use of samples.
  • There is a limited list of allowed DAWs in the contest documentation.
  • Track cover is optional but welcome.

In the initial terms of the contest, there was a limitation on the number of works from one user, however, during discussions on the forum, it was decided to remove this limitation.

The forum actively discusses the feasibility of this competition and its benefits for the project. Some users found the rewards that were announced in the original proposal overpriced. During the discussion, the number of prize tokens for the first place decreased from 20,000 TON to 5,000 TON, and the number of prize places decreased from 15 to 10.
We at ton-news have come to the conclusion that the Free TON soundtrack should not be coppery and melancholic. It should be rhythmic and inspiring. However, this is just our point of view and not a recommendation for participants.

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