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Free TON Weekly Meetup #63

by lerika

Today, July 20, the sixty-third meetup of Free TON representatives was held. It was attended by Mitya Goroshevsky, Ben Sunderland, Pavel Prigolovko, Joanna Eberhart, Raymond Gabriel, Alexander Filatov, Evgeny Morozov, and Ron Millow.

Last week, only one proposal was accepted by the community – the 2nd KPI for African SG.
Ron Millow noted that community members have been rejecting many proposals lately. in his opinion, it means that the project has reached a certain level of development, and community members do not agree to allocate funds for all partnership proposals in a row, becoming more selective.

This week, the winners of the NFT Marketplace (second tranche), Chrome Extension, Dune Merger, and others will receive tokens.

By tradition, Mitya Goroshevsky made technical updates. He talked about the Rust Cup, an endurance race among validators. Half of the race is already over, and there have been several technical issues over the past week. At the moment they have been successfully fixed, and tomorrow TON.Labs will release a patch with updates.

The representative of Academy SG Evgeny Morozov made a presentation of new courses published on the academy website as part of the DeCourses competition.

Further, representatives of DeFi SG talked about updates in the Free TON pharming area.
At the end of the meetup, the project team traditionally answered the questions of the community members.

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