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AMA session with Grindez

by lerika

Today, July 20, an AMA session was held with a representative of the Grindez platform, which recently published a partnership proposal for Free TON. We have already written about it in this article.
Grindez is a p2p platform for freelancers, in which all obligations of a freelancer and recruiter are recorded in smart contracts. At the moment, the platform has been operating for over two years.

Question: What does your project have to offer Free TON?
Answer: Our platform is used by many people from 113 countries. Each of them will receive information about the Free TON project. The audience of Grindez is formed of highly qualified specialists and solvent employers. This audience is of interest to Free TON.

Question: Tell us more specifically about the integration with free TON: about the affiliate program and internal operations with TON Crystal tokens.
Answer: Firstly, our platform will provide a large number of people with the opportunity to use Free TON network tokens: payment for work performed can be carried out in TON Crystal. Our platform is created on CMS WordPress, so we can connect our site to the blockchain via REST API and see all user transactions both from the platform side and from the Free TON blockchain side. Also, the Grindez team is considering the possibility of integrating the current affiliate program with Free TON.

Question: Do you plan to promote Free TON contests?
Answer: Yes, there are such plans. We can post the conditions of Free TON contests on the site and send an email to all registered users. We will make several new pages on the site, where we will tell users in detail about the Free TON project, about contests, about the terms of participation, and the procedure for placing an application for participation.

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