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How to Install and Use ExtraTON

by lerika

The number of wallets that work with TON Crystal is constantly growing. We have already written materials on how to register a wallet in TON Surf and Crystal Wallet, and in this article, we will install ExtraTON and create a wallet.

ExtraTON is an extension for Google Chrome that provides access to your wallet directly from your browser.

First, download the extension:

Choose the “Install from Chrome Store” option.

Click on the “Add to Chrome” button;

In the pop-up window, click “Add extension”;

In the new pop-up window, we see the inscription: To use the extension, click on this window. To manage extensions, select the “Extensions” submenu from the “Tools” menu.

Click on the window and get into the ExtraTON interface.

You can either enter an existing wallet using a seed phrase or create a new one.
Click on the “Create new wallet” button.

Save the 12-word seed phrase on a secure bearer.
Agree with the privacy policy and click the button “I securely saved it”.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed ExtraTON and created a wallet.
Many sites in the Free TON ecosystem use ExtraTON to register users, so having an active wallet will make using them even easier and more enjoyable.

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