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Winners Works Catalog Contest: the Winners

by lerika

Winners Works Catalog Contest has come to an end, the Jurors scored the 9 submissions and we have the winners! In this article we will have a short overview of the winning entries.

The 1st place with an average score of 8.88 points goes to gov.gramkit.org.

All the judges admitted the stylish design and an extreme user-friendliness of the site, its pagespeed and adaptivity to all the devices. There were some issues with not working buttons, but they were minor and insufficient. The jurors also admitted the good structure of the data on the site.

The 2nd place with an average score of 8.82 points goes to toncatalog.club.

The Jurors liked the great structure of information, user-friendly navigation and high pagespeed. As for the minuses, the site lacks design features and styling. Most of the jurors wish the site looked more up-to-date.

The 3rd place with an average score of 8.70 points goes to freeton.works.

In this case the jurors’ didn’t reach a common opinion as for the design: some of them liked the minimalistic design of the site, others found it outdated and plain. There were some issues with the navigation and UI, but the total score for the third place is really high.

The 4th place with an average score of 7.52 points goes to tonwinners.com.

The site is modern and pretty stylish, but it lacks some core features like winners’ works previews. Also there are some issues with font size in the mobile version. 

The 5.94th place with an average score of 7.52 points goes to freetoncatalog.com.

The site has a bright design, but it lacks functionality. Some links are not clickable, there are no participants’ contracts and works’ previews. Some jurors were confused by the big number of design elements and found them distracting.


As for the editor, the participants of this contest excelled themselves, because the average scores are very high and we all know that it is not easy to impress Free TON Jurors:) It was an interesting contest, we at ton-news.com sincerely hope that the winners will keep updating their resources and help Free TON ecosystem grow.

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