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Grindez Partnership Proposal

by lerika

The community has received a new partnership proposal from Grindez, a freelance platform that has the functionality of payment for work in cryptocurrencies. The connection between recruiters and freelancers on the platform is made via smart contracts, so both parties to the agreement are reliably protected from fraud.
Besides, recruiters and freelancers on the Grindez website have a rating, so partners can be selected based on feedback from other users. The site also has special functionality for resolving conflict situations.


Here’s what the Grindez team has to offer to our community:

Distribute information about Free TON contests.
Due to the partnership with Grindez, the project will receive a significant increase in contests participants, because copywriters, translators, designers, programmers, and marketers from all over the world are registered on their website.

Attract new users.
The distribution of information about Free TON will attract new users to the ecosystem, which will give another impulse to the development of the project.

Provide a base of qualified specialists
There are times when teams don’t have enough hands to finish a project on time. At Grindez you can always find a specialist in the right field. The rating system will help you make the best choice without spending a lot of precious time on it.

Payments in TON Crystal tokens
Both recruiters and freelancers will be able to choose the TON token as a method of payment for work, which will attract new users and increase interest in the project.

In total, during the partnership, Grindez will request about 1,000,000 tokens from the community, but this amount will be divided into parts, for each of which Grindez will provide a report with the declared KPIs. The detailed information about the stages of token request could be found in the Proposal document on the forum.

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