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DeSupport Contest 2021 Part 1

by lerika

The first half of 2021has passed, which means that the time has come to announce the already traditional DeSupport 2021 Part 1  contest!

The main goal of the contest is to encourage the most active members of the community, those who contributed to the development of Free TON on a voluntary basis.

Perhaps you were active on the forum, helped with listing on any exchange, moderated a group, chat, or site about Free TON? Then this contest is for you!


All you need to do is write a detailed report, indicating all the work that you have done on a voluntary basis to develop the project over the past six months from January 1 to July 1, 2021. Attach screenshots, statistics, links to your work, and social media profiles to verify authorship. This is very important, because if you cannot verify the authorship, your application may be rejected by the jury. Do not forget to include your contact on the forum and in telegram, as well as the address of the Free TON wallet in your report.


We at Ton News sincerely admire the members of the Free TON community! You guys are the best because you are passionate about a common idea, ready to volunteer to help the project grow. We believe that such people deserve a generous reward! The prize fund of the competition will be 140,000 TON and will be distributed as follows:

1st place – 20,000

2nd place – 18,000

3rd place – 16,000

4th place – 14,000

5th place – 12,000

6-10th place – 5000

10-20th place – 3000

20th-25th place – 1000

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